VIXEN: A Sensuous Liberated Woman well aware of her sensuality who knows how to use it to get what she wants.

VIRTUOUS: of moral excellence, not indulging in activities in opposition to one’s personal morals, values, and/or beliefs

The Virtuous Vixen is a sensuous woman who understands that Virtuous does not equal prudish or frigid. She is clear that to be a Vixen does not mean to be loose, lewd, or malicious. She owns her sensuality and is not ashamed to be a woman or of being sensual. She is the wife that keeps the marriage bed hot and the girlfriend men beg to marry. She is the ultimate seductress who knows what she wants and how to get it with honor, integrity, and a lot of fun!

It has been quite a journey to end up here and declare myself a Virtuous Vixen, but it has all been worth it. This is a new role for me and I plan to share openly and honestly as I manifest the life and man of my dreams!


Learn to Read the Signs

LOL what’s so hard to understand, she just wants him to say he WANTS her to come by. Women don’t like feeling like the man is indifferent to us, we want to be desired. This video points to one of the reasons women don’t need to chase men. If a man WANTS to see you he’ll call.

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Everyone is Your Mirror – The Greatest Relationship Secret

Totally feeling this article.  It outlines the way I see conflict relationship. The second one outlines how to go about changing yourself and/or your partner. It’s not about blame me it’s about taking responsibility and being the cause of your own happiness. http://www.mind-your-reality.com/your_mirror.html#Part_2 http://www.mind-your-reality.com/change_your_relationships.html

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